Saturday, December 20, 2008

final project (franny)

excerpts from the zine:

color and light (franny)

zine musings about this project:

five best pieces (franny)

Lucy Boltz Final Project

Sorry I could not upload the stop-motion videos or the entire video...My final art project is about medical tools that do not function because of their materials, and how certain groups do not receive adequate healthcare.

A fake company, Medical Tools Remade Inc., designs health-care solutions for groups of people. They have designed a wooden stethescope for Illegal immigrants, since their studies show that 72% of illegal immigrants do not have a functional heart, only a cavity. Another innovation is the ceramic pill for non-english speakers since they can never seem to understand when and how many pills to take when they're told in English. Ceramic pills pass right through the body. So, you can reuse them and never over-dose! For the homeless this company has designed wire sutures. The wire sutures also double as self defense mechanisms.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geoff Mino- Final Project

the flat cuts
the flat wraps
the flat stretches
the flat borders
the flat contains
the flat is transparent
the flat is always truth

the flat can be painted on
but only the flat can clean the flat

the flat can be layered upon
the flat
upon the flat

the flat is covered
in hundreds of oppressions, thousands of histories
of veil. the flat is the raped virginal pale
(eternal) out-of-time forever instant

the flat offers to the human
but the flat is opposed to all that is human.
the flat beckons the spirit,
but the flat, being immobile, requires abandon.

the flat is not a glaze;
it is what remains when the glaze is washed away
the flat is not representational or abstract
the flat is that upon which representations and abstractions

the flat is that with which the architecture of space is scaffolded.

#15- Jennifer Tanaka: Final Project (: